Insulating Putty for armature CLass H Putty for filling void in armature filling, potting, encapsulating and insulating all types of Electrical Appratus
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INTAF Putty H-200

(Manufactured in India with technical assistance from USA)

Class 200 Putty
(INTAF Putty H200 packed in Plastic Containers)

INTAF ® Putty H-200 is a Non-Asbestos, Moisture Resistant slate filled , solventless putty made of two part material (One part : Powder - 0.618 Kg & One part : Resin - 0.382 Kg) required to be mixed (see the photo below: Method to mix INTAF Putty H200) at the time of application and is converted to a tough infusible solid by heat. INTAF PUTTY H 200 is recommended for filling, potting, encapsulating and insulating all types of Electrical Apparatus and electronic components. It is particularly suitable for filling voids and spaces in Traction Motors and Generators. Because it is solventless, it eliminates many environmental and health problems for the user.

INTAF ® Putty H-200 can be applied by knife/spatula or by hand.

Curing Cycle
  • 8 hrs after unit reaches  90o C  or
  • 6 hrs after unit reaches 125o C  or
  • 4 hrs after unit reaches 150o C

  • Shelf life
  • Shelf life of unmixed Putty: 12 months when stored below 20o C  & when stored away from heat & direct sunlight
  • Pot life of mixed Putty: 72 Hours at room temperature

  • Recommend Use
    Recommended for Gap filling in windings, armatures, stators and other electric apparatus for insulation, coating, heat transfer or environmental protection.

    how to mix putty
    (Method to mix INTAF Putty H200)

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