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INTAF Polyglass Tape®

(Glass Banding Tape for Armatures, Transformers & Rotors)

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High Strength :
INTAF Polyglass Tape® (also known as Armature Banding Tape, Resiglass Tape, Fibre Banding Tape) is made from continuous filaments, high tensile electrical grade glass yarn, impregnated with thermosetting polyester base resin. The yarns are laid parallel to form a thin flat ribbon & utilising maximum tensile strength of the glass to give an exceptional strength.

As supplied the banding tape is soft & pliable with a slight amount of tack. During the cure the resin flows & fill voids & air space to produce a homogenous laminate. Finally, the fully cured band is rigid with a hard-smooth resin rich surface & forming a void free homogenous mixture of glass & resin. After application and curing the tape holds the body in radial compression.

INTAF Polyglass tape is a High strength, resin-impregnated, moisture resistant, fibre glass tape.

Service Proven :
INTAF Polyglass Tape® is primarily to restrain the end of armature coils (slot section) in heavy duty DC motors & generator by pre-stressing or tensioning the bandings as they are applied. They form a high strength hoop, holding the coils in place, against the large centrifugal forces produced by armature rotation. INTAF Polyglass Tape have been reliably performing this function on all types of DC Machine, from mill motors to locomotive drives for over 10 years.INTAF Polyglass Tape is composed entirely of non-conducting materials. This eliminates insulation & creepage problem which was experienced previously with steel bands. The smooth & glossy cured surface resist direct adhesion & provides excellent arc resistance, minimising the possibility of flashover.

Application of INTAF Polyglass tape on Armature:
The sole purpose of end turn banding on armature is to prevent outward flexing of the coils under the influence of centrifugal force. INTAF Polyglass Glass Fibre Banding Tape is therefore applied under tension to exert an inward compressive force on the end turns. Click here for more information about armature banding.

Application of INTAF Polyglass tape on Transformer Cores:
The Polyglass banding Tape finds application in the taping of transformer legs (transformer core banding). The tape is used with transformers and reactors for the clamping of core limbs as well as for holding winding terminal leads. For more information click here.

Quality :
Strict manufacturing & testing procedure are followed which ensures high quality tapes. Weight, tensile, resin content, width of every roll are the main properties which are strictly maintained to ensure the best quality of Banding Tape.

Available Width :
5mm , 10mm , 15mm, 20mm , 25mm , 30mm, 40mm, 50mm , 100mm. Click here to view photos of tape with various width and their applications

Technical Specification
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