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Fibreglass Banding Tape for Locking of Transformer Cores/Legs

How to do Transformer Core Banding with INTAF Polyglass® Tape

INTAF Polyglass® Tape (Polyglass Banding Tape) is weft less uni-directional tape, impregnated with special catalyzed polyester resin formulation. The resin permits long shelf life in the semi-cured state. It is supplied in B stage, semi cured condition and when cured it becomes compatible with mineral oils and chlorinated compounds. It is widely used successfully to brace the cores in transformer construction.

The Polyglass banding Tape finds application in the taping of transformer legs (transformer core banding). The tape is used with transformers and reactors for the clamping of core limbs as well as for holding winding terminal leads.

The tape is manufactured with High Strength twisted Fiberglass Yarns arranged parallel which are joined together to form a tape using a special thermo-setting polyester resin. It is not electrically conductive and is resistant to all mineral and silicone oils.

The tape is manually applied on the outer wrap for locking the legs/cores of transformers.

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Method of Application: INTAF Polyglass tape is normally applied manually on the assembled transformer core plates in the form of a previously wound assembly or by being applied layer by layer on the core. The tape must be cured after applying. Curing can be done manually by hot air gun or can also take place during normal heat treatment of transformer. The cured tape can resist against transformer oil, synthetic insulation liquids and SF-6 gas.

Note: It is necessary to protect the Polyglass tape against the sharp edges of the core plates which form the transformer leg. This may achieved by inserting an insulating carboard between tape and core plate.

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